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We have adorable Teacup and Toy size puppies for sale and are located in Georgia. We are close to Moultrie Georgia, Thomasville, Albany,Tifton, and Valdosta. We are also an hour North of Tallahassee Florida and we do Ship to other states.

Kalies pups has Teacup Yorkies for sale, Teacup puppies,Teacup Yorkies, teacup Poodles, maltese puppies, Shih-Tzu puppies, available for sale. We are located in South Georgia. Our puppies are well socialized and family raised. our puppies for sale will come with a 1 year health guarantee, tails docked, parasite prevention, protection. Our Teacup & Toy Yorkies, Poodles, maltese, shih-tzu's & designer puppies will be pre spoiled for you to take home.


Most of our puppies for sale are on the website, but you are welcome to come visit and see our precious puppies for sale. Which include tiny breeds and a few larger breeds we have yorkie puppies for sale, maltese puppies for sale, poodle puppies for sale, shih-tzu puppies for sale and others. yorkies, Yorkie Puppies, teacup and toys, yorkie puppy information, yorkie in Georgia, teacup yorkies in georgia,. ...

Yorkshire Terrier "Yorkie" Breed Info

The Yorkshire Terrier, most commonly known as the “Yorkie,” originates from Yorkshire, a rugged region of Northern England. Yorkies were originally bred to hunt rats and rodents in the textile mills and coal mines back in the 1870’s. The Yorkie was introduced to America in 1872, and as Americans embraced Victorian customs, they too embraced the Yorkie. Today, the Yorkshire Terrier is the second most popular breed in the United States. The Yorkshire Terrier sheds little to no hair and requires regular grooming and trimming of their long, silky coat. Yorkies known as “teacups” or simply, “Teacup Yorkies,” are purebred Yorkshire Terriers that fall into a smaller size category of 4 lbs. or less at adult weight. Yorkshire Terriers are demanding and require lots of human attention! The Yorkie is a brave little dog, highly energetic and eager for adventure. This toy breed makes for an excellent watchdog, and defends its territory. Due to their true terrier heritage, Yorkies can be aggressive toward strange dogs and smaller animals, so they must be socialized at an early age. Unaware of their small size, even a Teacup Yorkie may challenge larger, tougher dogs. Unfortunately, their bold nature and self -confidence may get them into trouble, as small dogs such as Teacup Yorkies can be seriously injured. Because of this, Teacup Yorkies typically don’t make suitable pets for very young children. While this breed can be a bit stubborn, they are generally smart and responsive to commands, making them easy to train. Although they may be suspicious of strangers, they are very affectionate with members of their own family. Teacup Yorkies are the most popular breed here at Kaliepups.com . Not only are Teacup Yorkies gorgeous little dogs, but they also make the best companion pets! Teacup Yorkies generally like to be with their owners at all times, and their small teacup size makes them perfect for travel! Teacup Yorkies are small enough to fit in a pocketbook, which is great for toting them around town in a discreet fashion. Teacup Yorkies are even small enough to accompany their owners in-cabin on an airline flight with the use of an airline approved pet carrier. Wherever you go, your Teacup Yorkie goes!

Poodle Breed Info

The Poodle is best known for being one of the smartest breeds in the world! The Poodle’s country of origin is listed as France, but the breed’s true origin is the subject of dispute in the dog world. Some experts believe that the Poodle may have originated in Russia, while others believe it was Germany, as the breed’s name comes from the German word pudel, which is short for pudelhund or “splashing dog.” This refers to the Poodle’s original use as a water bird retriever. Many sources believe that the Poodle’s show clips evolved from working clips, which provided warmth to major joints while the rest of the body was shaved down for less drag in the water. However, most sources agree that the French are responsible for developing the modern Poodle into its current three sizes, all determined by shoulder height: standard, miniature, and toy. The Poodle is an elegant breed, taking top honors in many show rings of today. Poodles are intelligent, alert, and active. Historically, their aptitude has made them ideal for performing in circuses across the globe for centuries. Otherwise notable is the Poodle’s keen sense of instinctual behavior. In particular, marking and hunting drives are more readily observable in Poodle’s than in most other breeds. Even Toy Poodles will point birds. Poodles are extremely people-oriented dogs, generally eager to please, and make excellent watchdogs! Poodles are adaptable, easy to train, and learn very quickly! Potty training can be difficult with many dogs, but not with the Poodle. Poodles are hypoallergenic and have hair–not fur–so they don’t shed, and have little to no dander. This makes the Poodle a great pet for anyone who suffers from allergies! .

Maltese Breed Info

The Maltese is an ancient breed with a history that can be traced back many centuries. Darwin, father of the Theory of Evolution himself, believed the breed to have originated in 6000 BC. The Maltese are believed to be a descendant of a Spitz type dog found among the Swiss Lake dwellers, and selectively bred down to its current average size of 7 lbs or less. Although there is some evidence that the breed may have originated in Asia, the Maltese is usually associated with the Isle of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.The Maltese are among the gentlest mannered of the Toy breed dogs. Bred for companionship, Maltese thrive on love and attention. Maltese are gentle, trusting and devoted to their masters. They’re lively, happy, and energetic. Due to their high level of intelligence, the Maltese are a quick learner. They are also courageous and will bark if they hear a suspicious noise. The breed sheds little to no hair, and is highly recommended for those who suffer from allergies. The Maltese requires regular grooming and bathing to prevent their beautiful white coats from staining. Maltese known as “teacups” or simply, “Teacup Maltese,” are purebred Maltese that fall into an even smaller size category of just 4 lbs. or less at adult weight. Teacup Maltese are one of the most sought- after breeds here at Kaliespups. They are quite rare and much harder to come across than most other teacup varieties. Not only are Teacup Maltese beautiful little dogs, but they also make the best companion pets! As lap dogs, Teacup Maltese generally prefer to be with their owners at all times. Their small teacup size makes them perfect for this! Teacup Maltese are small enough to fit in a handbag, which is great for toting them around with you in a discreet fashion. People often get away with sneaking their Teacup Maltese into restricted places, such as restaurants or movie theaters, by concealing them in dog carriers made to look like designer purses. Teacup Maltese are easy to travel with, as they’re small enough to accompany their owners in-cabin on an airline flight with the use of an airline approved pet carrier. You never have to leave home without your beloved Teacup Maltese companion! .

Shih-Tzu Breed Info

The Shih Tzu, also known as the ‘Chinese Lion Dog ’, ‘Chrysanthemum Dog’ (because its face resembles a flower), or ‘Shih Tzu Kou’ (which translates to ‘Lion Dog’, designating its revered status in Buddhism) originates in Tibet as far back as the 1600's. .

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We have adorable Teacup Puppies for sale